Tips For Affordable Kids Birthday Parties

Tips For Affordable Kids Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties can be quite stressful when you’re the party planner. Younger kids tend to have larger birthday parties because of the obligations to invite class-mates, neighbors, friends of the parents etc. This can add up quickly. BUT with few tips, you can cut cost of most of the expenses.

§  Timing:

Plan your party in between lunch and dinner. This will avoid having to provide a meal for everyone. Instead set out some easy snacks for the kiddos in case they get hungry.

§  E-Vites:

As adorable as a paper invite can be, it can also be a lot more costly. Ditch the paper invitations, and save money by creating a cute E-Vite. Let’s be honest, people check their phones/email more than their mail these days. (Minted, Vista Print, and other online sites have a multitude to choose from and are super adorable). 

§  Avoid Party Stores:

Party stores jack their prices up, because they can. Don’t fall into the trap and order party supplies online. Amazon and other online retailers can provide you with party decorations for much cheaper (especially when ordering in bulk). THINK AMAZON. 

§  Include Party Favors as an Activity:

Instead of making everyone a party favor, have the kids make something that they can take home as a party favor. Not only will this be a fun activity for the kids but they will have something to bring home without costing you extra money.

§  Start Planning Early:

As they say, timing is everything. Planning in advance will help you to find deals on party supplies and avoid having to do any last minute shopping which could result in having to spend extra at party stores. 

§  Combine Parties:

Suggest having a joint birthday with one of their friends. Kids love this and it can cut cost majorly. Killing two birds with one stone. Pick a theme they both love and get to planning!