States Quickly Ban Abortion After Court Ruling

Most of these states are Republican-lad and have taken the necessary steps to activate these new laws. 10 of these states’ laws are currently in effect since Friday’s ruling. In all 26 states have laws that allow the states to ban abortion intirely and or set extremely strict limits to abortions. These laws will in hand ban abortion for those who live in these states, says Guttmacher Institute.

Three states had trigger laws in place that are going into effect very quickly now. Kentucky, Louisiana, and South Dakota’s trigger laws went into effect automatically after the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade, which was ruled in 1973 and established constitutional rights to have an abortion. Other states’ laws will either take effect within a certain number of days or after steps taken by the state’s government entity. 

Oklahoma has also taken the proper steps to implement its trigger ban, according to its state’s attorney general’s office. Oklahoma had previously had laws in place planning abortions before the over turn of Roe vs. Wade. Asa Hutchinson announced that the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge also certified her states trigger ban.

Utah’s trigger ban has been in effect since Friday as well, according to a letter sent by John L. Fellows, who is the general counsel for the Utah Legislature. Planned Parenthood has filed a lawsuit in Utah seeking to block this state’s law.

Ohio Attorney General David Yost announced Friday that the injunction blocking the state’s nickname Heartbeat law will be dissolved. This bill makes it illegal to terminate a pregnancy once a heartbeat is detectable. Typically this is at the six week mark and before most expecting mothers know they are pregnant.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, was stated in saying they will be asking the court order that halted their states 2019 abortion ban law to be striked down immediately. 

States like Wisconsin and West Virginia had abortion laws before the Roe vs wade case and the new ruling has removed the barrier preventing those laws from being in effect. 

The list for trigger bans already in place is:

Texas, Utah, North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and finally Idaho.

The states with banned abortion laws prior to Roe Vs. Wade are:

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, and Arizona.

States with extreme limits on abortion, but couldn’t be inforced without Roa vs. Wade is:

South Carolina, Georgia, Utah, North Dakota, Ohio, and Iowa.

The States The Gutttmacher Institute Classifes as likely to ban abortion are:

 Montana, Nebraska, Indiana, and Florida.

These laws mean that abortion will be banned soon, if it hasn’t be already. If you are interested in learning more and diving deeper into all of the states who are banning abortion you can visit any national news website as this information is saturating the internet currently.