Productive Tips: Before you start your day

Productive Tips: Before you start your day

Everyone seems to know that how you start your morning can be crucial to how the day goes. Yes you have a million different times of the day to press restart and refresh the day….but I can’t be alone in this. I feel crazy off for the rest of my day sometimes if it starts in a stressful or bad way. So here are some tips to help manage the stress levels and to set a healthy and balanced tone for your day.

Allow yourself 30 mins before you get going: This will help you not to start your day by immediate rushing and gives you 30 whole minutes of “you time”

Make your bed: Unless someone is still sleeping in it when you get up….try and make your bed! This helps practice daily routines and tidiness.

Let the light in: As in don’t be a vampire for the morning and open your blinds. Allow the sunshine or outside light to be in your room and house.

Get dressed and ready for the day: This may seem like the hardest one….especially for me because I live my life in PJ’s…but washing your fash and showering and putting some fresh clothes on really does make a significant difference in the mornings.

Pray or meditate: For me I like to pray and read my Bible with a cup of coffee (one of the many I have throughout the day)

Eat a healthy breakfast: Breakfast has always been a challenge for me to eat because when it’s early in the morning i’m not quite hungry yet. But making things like oatmeal or avocado toast can be smaller portioned and still give you enough energy to get the day going.

Read or listen to something motivational: Listening to a podcast or reading a motivational book can be a great way to start the day. I love listening to podcasts!

Hope this helps you find more zen in your mornings and throughout your days! Good Luck!