Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Lunch Boxes

Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Lunch Boxes

1. Food Overload

Packing too much food is a common mistake because you worry they may get hungry. An easy way to avoid this is by mimicking the way they eat when they are at home. If you want to include an extra snack, choose one that they normally eat.

2. Skimping on the Veggies

It’s a common mistake to just throw prepackaged fruit or an apple in their lunch box and forget about the veggies. While the fruit is fine, they need their veggies too. Don’t be afraid of a colorful lunch when it comes to fruits and veggies!

3. Packing Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Juice boxes, soda, and other sugary drinks are the worst thing you can pack. I would stick to water or milk. All the sugar will end up making them crash and they will be tired. Not only that, but the sugar will not only cause problems with their physical health but also their oral health. Packing these types of drinks are sure to cause a cavity.

4. Not Including Enough Fiber

There is a multitude of benefits in eating fiber. This will help with your child’s long-term health. It reduces their risk of type 2 diabetes, helps create strong bones, lowers your risk or heart disease and many cancers. It can also help you lose weight, or just maintain a healthy weight over time.

5. Forgetting about the Protein

Let’s be honest, kids are picky. A lot of kids aren’t dying to have a hard-boiled egg or lentils packed in their lunch. As a kid, I wasn’t a huge fan of chicken or fish. So, adding protein into a kids lunch can sometimes be difficult. Many schools do not allow peanut butter because of the very common allergy. So, that leaves us with limited options. If your kid has a mature pallet and will eat salmon, chicken or tofu, then, you’re lucky! However, yogurt, milk and cheese are always good options. BUT if you are going to go the dairy route, don’t go overboard.