Kids Games for Learning

Kids Games for Learning

As a Mom, one thing that is extremely difficult is to get my children to engage in learning or practicing math/writing outside of their schoolwork. So, I’ve found a few learning games that your kids will enjoy.

The good thing about iPads, tablets, and all of the new technology is that there are so many learning games that they have access to. Not only are they teaching the kids and helping them grasp concepts, they also are enjoyable for the kids.

I’m not always a huge advocate of being on the iPad or watching a bunch of television, because as a kid I was ALWAYS outside when I was growing up. BUT I do think that giving them an allotted time-frame of screen time makes them feel like they are being rewarded, while also getting in some extra learning too.

Here are a few learning “games” that are great for kids:

  • Super Why: This is a great game for kids that are starting to learn words. It uses a popular PBS cartoon character to help improve reading and writing skills by making it a game. This is great for kids that are around 3-6 years old.
  • Shape Builder: I like this game because it uses letters and makes them into puzzles. It is an awesome lower level vocabulary builder. They are able to complete the puzzle and see the letter and the colorful puzzle that they have created. This is great for ages 3-5 years old.
  • AniMatch: This is an animal matching game. This is a game that all ages will enjoy and helps to exercise the brain using recognition.
  • Cut The Rope: This is another good one for all ages/3 years and older. It helps with hand-eye coordination and also spacial logic. This is a great one and has a wide variety of exercises.
  • Bobs Books #1 – Reading Magic: This is great for kids around 2-5 years old. You read along with the book and help spell out the words as you go. It offers simple spelling for young kids, while also story-telling and entertaining them along the way.