Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite DIY costumes for those not-so-crafty last minute Moms like me. I’ve always liked making my own costumes, or putting together costumes rather than buying the whole thing in a package. I feel like it’s a cheaper route and they end up looking better than most store bought costumes. Plus, half the time you already own most of the things you need anyways!

1. Bumble Bee:

Black shirt, black leggings, a black and yellow tutu and a bumble bee headband.

2. Kitty Cat:

All black clothing, cat ears and a cat tail – then draw on some whiskers and a nose! (SO SIMPLE!)

3. Lumberjack:

Jeans, a plaid shirt, a plastic axe, and a fake beard. (Add suspenders and a beanie if you want!)

4. Ghost:

A white sheet, or any white fabric you can find – cut out the face or draw a face on the fabric.

5. Harry Potter:

Jeans, a solid tee (white or black), a harry potter scarf, black plastic glasses with white tape on the nose piece and a lightening bolt on your forehead.

6. A Carrot:

All orange clothing and a green sprouted hat that you can make out of felt or really anything green from a craft store and attach it to a headband or hat.

7. Firefighter:

All black clothing, yellow rain boots, suspenders, a firefighter hat and reflective tape (put it down the sides of your pants or wherever you please!)

8. Tinkerbell

Any green dress, t-shirt or piece of fabric you don’t mind cutting, wings, and your hair in a bun on top of your head.

9. Mario and Luigi:

Overalls, a green or red shirt (depending on which one you are), fake mustache, and a matching hat with a cut out initial (M or L) you can attach to the front.

10. Where’s Waldo: A red and white striped shirt, a matching beanie and black plastic glasses.