Easy, at Home Exercises for the Busy Mama

Easy, at Home Exercises for the Busy Mama

So, who hates the gym? Or working out? I’ll admit it, I loathe it. I don’t feel like seeing anyone while I’m pouring sweat, I also don’t want to battle the after-work traffic or try and fit it in during lunch. It’s not so much about the workout, it’s the steps to getting there. So, I find it a lot easier to do in the comfort of my own home. Even if it’s just 15 min a day, I try to do something. If I’m totally not feeling it, stretching or some simple yoga poses are my go-to.

I think everyone has a workout they prefer, you just have to figure out what it is. I am NOT a runner. I like doing barre classes and yoga. Some people like high energy/high intensity. I also like things you can do from home so I’ll include a few things below that will help you get in the groove if you are stuck in a lull. I like making my own routine or even spreading it out throughout the day. I don’t want to be stressed about trying to make it to a workout class on time. Classes and gyms can cause people some people anxiety because everyone does things at a different pace. Working out at home keeps me zen still feeling good.

No more excuses for this mama! 

(All workouts are linked – just click on the name)

At-Home Workouts:

Stretching : Perfect stretches to do in the morning or before a workout.

Simple Yoga Poses : This link has great poses for beginners. 

High Intensity Intervals : This is great because it requires zero equipment.

Barre : You don’t need a ballet barre, just a chair. These moves are great to tone up the smaller muscles.