2022 Movies Approved of by Mom for Kids

Right now is a great time to be a movie loving family, but which new and upcoming movies are worth watching? Whether you have toddlers or pre teens at home, we have the list of the best movies to take your kids to see in 2022.

 Busy moms often don’t have the time to watch movie trailers or read reviews to ensure the movie their kids want to see will actually be worth taking them to the theater or something that would be better to wait and rent at home. So today we’ve created a list of the top movies coming out in 2022 for your kids to see, that the parents might even enjoy watching as well. These movies are coming out on streaming services such as Disney+, Paramount+, and HBO Max.

First we wanted to talk about a movie that was pushed back last year and is finally coming out this January. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania has been promised to be just as good if not better than the rest of the series we’ve all come to know and love. Dr. Van Helsig invents a machine and it turns Johnny into a monster as Drac and his friends take a long adventure in order to change him back into a human and grow to see things from each other’s side. This will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video this year.

Another great and timeless movie series announced they’d be dropping another movie is The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. Many younger parents may remember watching the original movies themselves as a kid and the quality and script/blot has held up to the tale of time. This movie promises to expand the characters of Buck as well as Crash and Eddie.

For those who aren’t a fan of animated movies, is in luck as well. Kevin James is back at it again with the release of Home Team, a heartwarming and funny movie about a NFL coach who winds up coaching his local children’s team. This movie follows Kevin James as he learns what it means to be a great coach and understands his team.

If you like singing and cultural movies Turning Red may be the movie for you. Coming out March 11th of this year; this movie follows a young girl as she navigates life, school, and her family with a twist. She turns into a red panda when she is overwhelmed or excited. Will she be able to break the course or learn to love herself as she is? You’ll have to watch to find out.

I’ve never met someone who hasn’t seen Cheaper by the dozen in either the original 1950s version or the newer 2003 version. A heart warming movie about a large blended family and their lives as they struggle to keep a chaotic house of twelve functioning and healthy. And now we have a new and more inclusive version coming out March 18th. This movie promises to be as heart warming as the movies that came before. 

Another Disney classic that is getting a facelift is the Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. A classic from the Disney vault is getting a new facelift and new animation CGI styles mixed with classic cartoon styles from the past. This movie is also going to be streaming on Disney plus.

This next movie has been pushed back by two years and is finally coming out July 1st. The newest Minions movie Rise of Gru follows Gru in the 70’s as he is starting out in his rise to villainy and how his path crosses with the Minions for the first time.

This next movie may be the movie of the year, with lots of controversy. Lightyear is the story behind the famous movie character who is a toy superhero and astronaut. The story may be a bit confusing if you try to think too hard about the fact that it’s a movie about a man who has a toy from another movie made of him, but it gives a great background story from the origins of a beloved cartoon character from a beloved cartoon movie series. It comes out in theaters Father’s Day weekend.