15 Must-Pack Items for Taking a Baby to the Beach

15 Must-Pack Items for Taking a Baby to the Beach

It’s finally summertime and you know what that means! A busy vacation filled summer with many long days spent at the beach. Everyone knows that bringing a baby to the beach is a huge struggle. It’s hard to replicate the comforts of your home on a vacation when you have a baby, especially at the beach. Now you can make it easier to pack for your baby with this list of 15 items you can’t forget.

1. Baby Beach Tent:

This tent is great for providing shelter, shade, and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the beach. These tents are very convenient and very easy to set up and put away. They are also great because they provide UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

2.HatRash Guard/Cover Up:

Hats are great for keeping the sun off of your baby’s face, out of his/her eyes, and well as off of his/her scalp. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and sand is the worst for sensitive skin. It is rough and scratchy and finds its way into EVERYTHING. Coverups and rash guards are great for keeping a baby’s skin away from the sun

3. Spray bottle with fresh water in it:

I know this one seems a little funky, but this could actually save your baby from eating a pound of sand at the beach. All you need to do is fill it up with tap water before going to the beach. This would be great when despite our best efforts, our babies insist on grabbing, holding, scraping and eating sand. If you spray them with a little bit of water (or spray on your hands first and then splash them) they will cut back on the amount of sand they eat for lunch.

4. Flipple:

Once again, I know this sounds very strange, but just bare with me. A flipple is a gadget that goes on top of any standard water bottle and turns it into a sippy cup or baby bottle. This product is so great for on-the-go and should be in every mother’s diaper bag.

5. Munchkin Click Lock Food Pouch Spoon Tips:

These spoons are a lifesaver when it comes to feeding your baby in inconvenient places where you may not have a spoon or bowl available. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying around dirty spoons and remembering to take them out when you get home. All you need to do with this is twist the spoon tip onto the baby food pouch and squeeze food onto the spoon. How easy is that? It also comes with a cap which eliminates the need to clean the spoon right away!

6. Small Inflatable Baby Pool and Bath Toys:

Bringing a tiny baby pool for the beach is a very good way to keep your baby cool and putting the bath toys in it keeps him/her preoccupied for a couple hours as well. Your baby will be so entertained that it will be hard to get them out of the bath when its time to go home.

7. Stroller or wagon with all-terrain/off-road wheels:

It is definitely a good idea to bring a stroller with all-terrain wheels to the beach. If you want to go on a walk on the beach and push the stroller, it can be difficult to push a stroller that does not have the off-road tires. Although, it can be difficult to push the strollers through the dry sand even with these tires.

8. Mesh Baby Carrier:

Once again, sand is very rough on a baby’s sensitive skin so another way to avoid getting sand all over your baby is to hold him or her in a mesh baby carrier. This mesh carrier lets sand fall out so its not rubbing against your baby’s skin all day. It’s also waterproof so you can take your baby in the water if you would like to. Another plus side of the mesh sling is the fact that it is very breathable on a hot summer day.

9. Water-Resistant Towel:

These water-resistant blankets are incredible! These blankets provide a dry spot where ever you go. They’re great to keep in your car in case a spill or something happens.

10. Baby Powder:

Plain baby powder comes in handy when you’re leaving the beach and your baby is covered in sand. Instead of trying to wipe off the sand with your hand, which is very abrasive for sensitive skin, use baby powder for easy sand removal. Just rub some powder on those sandy legs, feet, arms, and everywhere you need. The powder helps the sand come off without irritating the skin.

11. Sunscreen:

Obviously you know why sunscreen is on this list, but it’s more to remind you while you have a million other things to be thinking about. Getting ready for the beach with a baby is pretty hectic, which is why we made this list to help ease the strain.

12. Swim Diaper and Other Essentials:

If you don’t want to haul your whole diaper bag, then just remember to bring enough diapers (regular and swim) and wipes to get you through the whole day. It’s a good idea to bring a couple extras just in case as well, you never know when an accident could happen. Also don’t forget to bring burp clothes, a change of clothes (or a couple pairs of clothes) and bibs.

13. Snacks and Water:

Be prepared and think about what meal times and snack time(s) are going to occur while you’re relaxing on the beach. Make sure to pack plenty of food for yourself AND for your family and baby. Be thinking about any bottles, formula, or other feeding essentials that you may need and pack them in a beach bag. Pack-it-cool bags are great for days at the beach or road trips. The bag is essentially a big ice pack that keeps everything cool for hours.

14. Ziploc bags:

Ziploc bags are great at helping you be organized and separate all of the things you need into different categories from snacks to toiletries. Since ziploc bags are waterproof, they are ideal for things keeping away from the water and sand. Things that are great to store in ziploc bags include food, diaper essentials, and also cell phones, and spare clothes. An added bonus is that you can turn an empty ziploc bag into a trash bag for any food wrappers or dirty diapers, etc.

15. Mesh bags:

These mesh bags are great for the beach because they don’t hold all of the sand in the bags. So you can put things that are really sandy in them and by the time you walk to the care a lot of the sand will already have come out, which in turn is cutting back on the amount of sand that you’re bringing back with you into your car and into your house.